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Continue the celebrations with a delicious wedding breakfast followed by dancing the night away.

Whether you are looking for an intimate setting or a larger location, there are many options available.


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Marble Hall

The Marble Hall is the heart of the house and therefor the perfect backdrop for you and your guests to celebrate the rest of your special day. Soaring to a height of 80 feet and constructed from rare Italian and Sicilian marble and alabaster, the Marble Hall combines astrological decoration with the luxurious palaces of Greece. Your guests will literally be seated beneath the stars as the vaulted ceiling is decorated with the stars in their courses and ethereal figures each representative of their constellation.

Dining Room

Situated just by the Marble Hall, the impressive Dining Room has long been used for stylish entertaining - its sparkling detail making it ideal for a more intimate wedding reception. This decorative room provides the perfect backdrop and superb acoustic for harpists and string quartets, and in true ‘Downton’ soiree style, the silver is always gleaming, and the outstanding food impeccably served by our team. Sitting amongst 18th century family portraits the dining room highlights the craftmanship within the house, the frieze shows a myriad of birds hidden amongst foliage, which are shown eating insects, snails and nuts symbolising the fact that this is, of course, a place for eating.

Purple Sitting Room

Both charming and enticing, the Purple Sitting Room, with its sumptuous fabrics, a welcoming open fireplace, and luxurious sofas to sink into, the Purple Sitting Room is perfect for a relaxed, intimate dining experience. The Purple Sitting Room can hold a maximum of 16 guests around the dining table. 

Front Lawn

The beautiful, well-manicured front lawn is the perfect location if you wish to host your wedding breakfast and reception out with the house. Offering stunning views of the River Clyde, the front lawn has been the scene of several glittering occasions.

Every Wedding Starts With You

We would be delighted to hear about your wedding plans and discuss with you how Mount Stuart House & Gardens could become a part of those plans. To find out about the availability of Mount Stuart or to ask a general question about weddings, get in touch with one of our Event Coordinators:

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